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EEL 4610- State Variables and Control. S.(3 credits)
Prereq: EEL 3135. Development of state-variable approach to linear continuous-time and discrete-time systems with emphasis on the design of feedback control system including stabilizing compensators, state estimators and controllers for tracking and disturbance rejection.
EEL 5718C- Computer Communications (3 credits)
Prereq: EEL 4514. Design of data communication networks: modems, terminals, error control, multiplexing, message switching, and data concentration.
EEL 5934 - Digital Controls (3 credits)
Prereq: EEL 3701, EEL4657. A study of the digital computer as a control element, classical sampled data control theory, and application with microcomputers.
EEL 6507- Queueing Theory and Data Communications (3 credits)
Prereq: EEL 5544. Introduction to basic queueing models; performance analysis of multiple access protocols; error control strategies.
EEL 6619- Robust Control Systems (3 Credits)
Prereq: EEL 5182. Analysis and design of multivariable control systems in presence of uncertainties.
EEL 4657L- Linear Control Systems. F, S, SS.(3 credits)
Prereq: EEL 3135. Theory and design of linear control systems.
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