1. Network Measurement Tool   GatorByte 

2. Network Visualization Tool  VisuGator

3. A DNS Based New Route Optimization Scheme with Fast Neighbor Discovery in Mobile IPv6 Networks

4. A Fast Neighbor Discovery and DAD Scheme for Fast Handover in Mobile IPv6 Networks

5. A Study on Optimal Fast Handover Scheme in Fast Handover for Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) Networks

6. An Approach to Reliable and Efficient Routing Scheme for TCP Performance Enhancement in Mobile IPv6 Networks

7. An Efficient Fast Neighbor Discovery (EFND) Scheme to Reduce Handover Latency in Mobile IPv6

8. An Efficient TCP Mechanism to Reduce Out-of-Sequence Packets in Mobile IPv6

9. AROSP: Advanced Route Optimization Scheme in PMIPv6 Networks for Seamless Multimedia Service 

10. EAP: New Fast Handover Scheme based on Enhanced Access Point in Mobile IPv6 Networks

11. Fast Handover Scheme Based on Enhanced Access Point (EAP) for Mobile Pv6

12. Performance Analysis of Enhanced-Mobile IPv6 with Fast Handover over End-to-End TCP

13. Performance Enhancement of Fast Handover for MIPv6 by Reducing Out-of-Sequence Packets

14. Performance Improvement of TCP with an Efficient Contention Window Control Mechanism (ECWC) in IEEE 802.11 Based Multi-hop Wireless Networks

15 Statistical traffic modeling of MPEG frame size: Experiments and Analysis

16 Comparative Performance Analysis of Recent Powerline and Wireless Technologies for Multimedia Home Networking

17 EVGATOR – An Enhanced Visualization Simulator for Multimedia Networking Protocol Analysis

18 ELRR – Enhanced Limited Round Robin Mechanism using Priority Policy over Bluetooth Networks

19 Robust Analysis for MIMO Systems with Unstructured Uncertainties

20 H-Infinity Design for Parametric Uncertain System