Research Work in the Area of Robust Control    
Research work in the area of robust control (sliding mode control), stabilization of time delay linear and bilinear systems is being performed at the LIST lab. The research work consists of the following topics:
[1] Robustness analysis for a class of real parametric uncertain systems

Introducing a margin, kN,s, for robust stability
and robust performance which takes into
account the worst case sensitivity and provides
a more meaningful indication of the extent of
robust stability as well.

[2] Stabilization of a class of linear systems with state and input delay of the form:

using sliding-mode control (SMC) techniques. A key step is utilizing a transformation to render the system input-free delay and then using SMC techniques to stabilize the state-delay system.

[3] A state feedback design for a class of time delay bilinear systems.

Objective: Derivation of a delay-dependent stability conditions that insure the stability of the delayed bilinear system within a specific region of attraction.